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Amano is the dream of Clark Goble and Art Pollard.  Both worked for the physics department, always passionate about science and good food, they first joined forces to form a successful software company and then to create an exceptional chocolate.
The headquarters is located in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain range in the heart of the Rockies, where Amano is dedicated to creating some of the world’s most exquisite chocolate through traditional techniques.
Amano means “by hand” and “they love” in Italian, and that describes the care and perfection that Amano brings to chocolate and in turn to the people who savour it.
Only the world’s very best beans and ingredients are used. Cacao is purchased directly from farmers, helping them, if necessary, to improve their ability to properly grow, ferment and dry cacao beans to meet Amano‘s exacting standards.
Through working with small, carefully controlled batches and lots of love and attention, Amano seeks simply to make the very best chocolate humanly — or heavenlypossible.
Amano’s main objective is to obtain the best organoleptic profile and quality.