The name Cacaosuyo comes from the words “Cacao” and “Suyo”, the latter, in the Quechua language, meaning region.
Tahuantinsuyo was the territory of the Inca empire, formed of four regions: Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.
Cacaosuyo aims to preserve the aroma and flavour of the original cacao of Tahuantinsuyo, in particular that of the Peruvian Amazon, and transform it into exquisite chocolate.
All this is done in close contact with farmers, a product of extremely high quality being obtained which greatly improves their economic and social conditions.
Cacaosuyo works only with top quality cacao, in particular that of the Piura region, where the extremely rare Cacao Blanco, an albino cacao, grows. Surprisingly creamy with notes of citrus and nuts.