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CONEXIÒN starts from the initiative of Jenny Samaniego to connect the small cacao growers of her native land, Ecuador, with the best professionals and amateurs of high quality chocolate.
Jenny founds the company after several years of “stage” outside the country, with the steady will to create Chocolate in the place of origin with the best cacao seeds, cultivated according to sustainable organic methods, in order to capture the best profile of purity, aroma and taste of every single province.
All the chocolate is produced in Ecuador and sustains the developing of the economy in various rural areas. More than 2000 small farmers earn fair prices for their products and increase their knowledge in the local industry, which guarantees them a decent income.
CONEXIÒN maintains the autochthon and special varieties of the best Ecuadorian cacao plants. Collaborates with various national and international organizations just as Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) and works directly with the farmers on their lands collecting DNA samples of cacao, thus verifying the authenticity and conserving the heritage of these unique varieties.
CONEXIÒN considers its own impact on this world, as well as yours: because we are all connected!