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Patrice Chapon, founder in 1986 of Chocolat Chapon and multi-awarded Parisian Master Chocolatier, is not just a simple person with great passion but an enthusiast. The chocolate bar is the incarnation of his dream to arouse desire, and each square is a fragment of such desire.
Patrice Chapon is a perfectionist. In order to create his bean-to-bar chocolate he decided to restore the machines of the last century in his Manufacture de Cacao so as to make the chocolate in the traditional way.


In searching for the ideal chocolate, Patrice Chapon shapes every variety of cacao – which he personally selects from producers, at times unearthing real treasures – according to his wishes and inspiration.
His packaging is also the result of careful research and is always in harmony with the chocolate it contains.
Patrice Chapon has long sought the greatest transparency, sustainability and quality. In 2010 he decided to create a range of gourmet chocolate bars. Creating a top range bar is a long operation which calls for great research and experimentation, the right equipment and, first and foremost, the best raw materials.


Chapon has therefore personally selected varieties of cacao which are among the rarest in the world. From the much-prized cacao of South America and Madagascar to the still little-known chocolate of the Fiji Islands.
Chapon offers a sensory journey which will not fail to surprise even the most demanding of palates.

Cacao Rare

Single Origin