Bee Slow is a start-up company founded in 2015 thanks to the Cascina Sociale Carlo Alberto project. The mission of the project is to create opportunities for youth employment, developing new services for supporting inclusion and local social development. A synergy has been created between the various producers in order to offer the public a new culture of civil food.
Bee Slow collaborates with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, the Agricultural Institute of Osasco as well as other and other organizations and cooperatives in the area. “We chose beekeeping as an opportunity to live and work in contact with nature.  This profession, which in the past was traditional practice in many families of our valleys, can now offer a valid opportunity to take action in order to create employment, future and beauty“.

The Val Chisone, where the Bee Slow bees live, is still an intact territory rich in biodiversity. Here woods, meadows and flowers are the guarantee for a genuine honey and for a choice of educational paths capable of creating ecological culture and awareness. Thanks to the wonderful work of the bees, a honey of the highest quality is produced in compliance with good technical and production practices. The hives are cared for in full harmony with the environment and taking into account the seasonal cycles for sustainable management, ethics, and respect for the ecosystem, which we are part of. The traditional method of cold extraction without using aggressive techniques (pasteurization) permits to obtain excellent productions from the organoleptic and nutritional point of view. Honeys capable of evoking scents, flavours and images of a rural world and culture able to fully satisfy every conscious consumer.
Two types of Bee Slow honey, Rododendro and Flora Alpina, are Slow Food Presidia that aim to enhance and relaunch high mountain honeys, the result of the hard work of the beekeeper who moves nomadically between the mountain blooms, a practice now little practiced with productions always at risk, but that offers excellent products of the highest quality. The Slow Food Presidia guarantee the typicality, uniqueness and excellence of particular productions and respect a strict production discipline that serves to guarantee the real value of these products.